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    sales mans sample board with HJ insiginia

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    There are many interesting things on these boards. Maybe can you obtain less blurred photos?

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    sorry only had cell phone with me only photos I have for now.

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    There are some common and some difficult to find examples there. The intact boards are exciting to see. Note the full length sports stripes for one, many fake "short" versions exist in collections IMO. Easily 1000 USD worth of insignia IMO, but better photos are needed for me to give a real evaluation of the items. It looks promising but would like to see clearer images.

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    have to agree with the other guys get some better pictures! looks like some hard to find insignias if original! i like the marine HJ ranks the best! shouldnt the adjutant rune be red and is it blue? i could be wrong as i have never owned one unfortunetly!

    hope you get better pictures of these as it would be cool to see!

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    the blue diamond with rune is listed in the books as adjutant attached to political leadership corps

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    has anyone seen the 2 types of medical armbands before ? I sure have not and not in the books I have.

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    The medical armbands are for Feldscher and Artz, both look good.

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    Photo shows an HJ wearing the liferune armband after a bombing raid .
    Look under the "Y" in the photo where it says Hitler Youth Forum .
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    I would offer around 1000 for the lot, unless the seller has a price point in mind. Keep in mind that if you decide to sell the items off separately for maximum profit some may have glue residue if removed from the boards and that will affect value. I personally think it would be a tragedy to do any alterations or removal to the sample boards. IMO the value is in the attached display itself and would keep it as such, but an individuals items are his to do with as he pleases.

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