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    Seesportabzeichen der HJ

    Hello, does somebody know the "sea sport badge of the Marine-HJ"?
    If it has still nowhere seen in spite of intensive search, it cannot be an arm badge, because lending number.
    Thank you and greeting

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    Hi Atze,

    I don't have a picture of a real one but here is the version worn on dark shirts/jackets

    On blue shirts/jackets: blue cloth with red anchor
    On white shirts/jackets: white cloth with blue anchor.

    The patch was introduced in 1938 and was worn on the upper right arm.
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    Hi Garry,
    thank you for the quick answer!
    I think now,the arm badge is the only existing one.
    To me one more document with a lending number is known,however, certainly this was only one sequential numbering of the lending.
    Excuse for my bad English!

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    No problem Atze. It does seem odd to give a serial number to a cloth badge doesn't it. This would tend to make people think of a metal badge but the serial number is only an accounting number so that a register could be kept showing who had qualified.

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    Here are some examples from Wietze's site that are up for sale there. Edit The shape is different from the one shown in the regulations book, I don't know if that's a problem or not.
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    Handsome little items. For me the marine HJ seems to have more mystique because it doesn't get as much attention as the normal HJ.

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    Agreed. I find it interesting that Marine HJ items tend to be expensive, but if you look at Kriegsmarine items they are priced well under other areas like SS, Heer and Luftwaffe.:confused:

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    Yeah but U boat badges are pretty pricey

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    i agree the marine HJ is still a very unknown area

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    The patches Darin showed in post #5 were described by Weitze as being for those who took the A, B or C tests whilst participating on a Wehrertüchtigung course (pre-military training). Patch 2 in Darin's post shows a patch with lightning which Weitze describes as being for Level C of the marine signalling test. Now, I'm looking but I can't find anything in the regulations about these particular patches. We are all familiar with the usual MHJ qualification patches but those in Darin's post are a mystery to me. In 1942 an agreement was reached between the HJ and the Kriegsmarine to provide training for the 'Marine-Wehrfunk' which was designed to provide a pool of boys with training in German navy signals procedures (MHJ Wehrfunker). I'm wondering whether the patches with anchor and lightning were for wear by these boys but I have nothing confirming that.

    I'll keep looking but does anyone else have any more info?

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