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    Sports Eagle Question

    Hi. I beleive that this is a sports shirt eagle. Which organization exactly?

    Why a blue printed tag rather than the normal red?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's a Stundentenbund sport shirt emblem. The blue RZM tags normally signify early manufacture, but this one has an "A 4" desigantion. It's my understanding that the "A 4" was used post 1936. If it were from an earlier period the designation would be "TA". I don't know the exact regulations for when this insignia came into use, there is no mention of a date in any of the references I have. There is a photo of one of these in Angolia's HJ Vol2 page 116.

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    Here's a little info on the NS Studentenbund(source Wikipedia)

    National Socialist German Students' League - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    these have been faked so you have to be careful with them

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    Here's one at GermanWarBooty looks identical to me so should be a good one Doug.

    NS-Studentenbund  Sport's Shirt Eagle with RZM Tag

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    Thanks for the link, Patrick. That's a good comparison piece. I also found an example on

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    The guild is a nice looking site, but sometimes prices are way out of line. It's not the owners fault, as prices are set by the consigners, and sometimes they have no clue. Look at the drivers badge for listed for 179usd. There are at least three of these on other well known sites for a lot less money. If a guy can get someone to pay a crazy ammount for a common patch more power to him, but I'm not going to be the guy that pays.

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