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    Unknown triangular patch on Deutsches Jungvolk DJ shirt


    need your help. Could anyone identify this little triangel patch sewed on a DJ blouse. The foto could be taken about 1934. I have no idea what it might be. Or is it a fata morghana

    Thanks for viewing.

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    Are you talking about the sleeve patch ? If so it is a common sigrune just folded into a triangle , then sewn on .

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    No, the little one under the white arrow. Its almost invisible.

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    first i have seen that done with the run patch, Northwind, the forums watermark is blocking it out could you take a photo of the bottom half? then we would see it! :)

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    I can't see anything below that arrow *rubs eyes and tries again* Nope, still can't see anything :-) As
    -collector says, a close-up of the area would be great.

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    close up

    I tried a close up by scanning. Lets see what could be find out. Otherwise forget it. Thanks.
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    Do you mean the little irregularity on his pocket flap to the right of the button Northwind? I would say that it's a repair. I don't see insignia there.

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    That I mean. Ok, I follow your explaination. Thanks for answer.

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    No probs. It could be a small tinnie perhaps but there is too little detail to really make anything out. As I say, repair to the shirt in my opinion.

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