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Thread: definite keeper

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    definite keeper

    a very early corded one rarer than most me thinks
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    Yep it's a keeper. Not cheap but not easy to find. I like it.

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    THANKS Darin it is such HIGH QUALITY do you have any further details on it


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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    THANKS Darin it is such HIGH QUALITY do you have any further details on it

    It's difficult to nail down exactly the location for the pre 1934 period Sigrunes. Some were based on the Landesfarben and some on the
    Gau structure. There seems to be no real ryhme or reason and the regulations were vauge at best. This one is odd in that the piping colors don't match the rest of the Sigrune. Based on the blue background with a white Sigrune and black and white piping this would be my best guess Paul. It's possibly, and this is just my opinion, either from one of these two.

    HJ Gruppe/Gau Sud (Munchen) during the Gau structure peroid of 1931-1933. Possibly for Sud or Oberbayen, Niederbayen, Shwaben, or Oberfalz.

    Or it may be the first form of Oberbann 4 from HJ Gruppe/Gau Ostland due to the black and white piping which was the piping color for the Gau during the period of

    There's very little information and regulations are almost non existant for these eary Sigrunes. Those are my best guesses Paul.

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    Nice one Mr Ayerst. Very curious. Any pictures of one in wear?

    Your tentacles reach far & wide and grab all items...

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    Darin you have shoulders with similar cording right ?

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    Pat there are pics with the corded shoulders around and would think they exist


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    Similar. The cording generally matches the
    Gau in color on the very early shoulders, and the numerals are mostly black. This one is unique in that the cording is a different color than the rune itself. There are many period photos of this style Sigrune in wear, unfortunatley all I have seen are in black and white, not color so it's difficult to tell exactly what colors the Sigrunes are. I have been told there is very little information about the early sigrunes as practically nothing was mentioned in the verordnungsblatt or other period publications about them. It's my opinion that they should be considered a combination of colors as for the
    (the Landesfarben, as they also were named as such within the HJ) Some match the rosette's on Imperial helmets also. Due to the many changes in colors I believe they didn't know themselves anymore what was correct and for that reason they adopted the new standardised colors in late 1933. The well-known six colors. There is little information from the early thirities on insignia of the HJ I've asked many who should know and nobody has given me a really definitive answer.

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    WELL I certainly agree there is a definite relationship to the
    . I am now wondering if mine is an association with the fledgling


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    I've seen a similar Sigrune in a collection that has the same piping, with a blue background and yellow rune. I would personally doubt
    afiliation and believe
    , just my opinion.

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