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    DJ Rune Patch with silver cord

    DJ Rune Patch
    DJ Rune Patch. Hope you like it. Why is this silver ring around it? Any and all comments are welcome. JME

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    very nice rune you landed there!! let darin tell you of it as he loves these sigs and has one just like it!

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    I like this one , rare to find with the silver soutache surounding it .

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    Do you know the rank and the period when it was in use Joe? Can't find that one in any of my stuff here.

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    I dont know the regulation , but I believe that this was discussed in the old forum .
    I believe that Daren may know more about this type of example as he has one .

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    Okay Joe, ta!

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    If you look closely the rune appears to be Silver in color on an artillery red background with silver cording on the border which would indicate a Gebietsjungvolksführer position. I've got a couple of these, one with a silver Sigrune and one with a white Sigrune that appears to have been 'converted' to this style with the addition of the cording. Compare this one side by side to an oberbann 1 Sigrune and the color difference of the rune will really stand out.

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    Some period illustrations and RZM specifications that explain the rank structure of Sigrunes.
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    Ostensibly we're looking at a 1934 Gebietsjungvolkführer sleeve rune here, or 1936-38 Oberjungbannführer i.e. red with outer ring. As Darin points out though - there the similarity ends and my question with items like this is always 'would a higher leader have worn non-standard items'?

    As we know, there are many, many photographs which show such items in wear or indeed which show standard items being worn incorrectly. I saw a photograph just yesterday where a Pimpf was wearing his sleeve rune 90 degrees out and I'm sure all of you have seen similar things in photographs. However, I still can't warm to the idea that a higher leader would wear something as non-standard as this. He/she had to be squeaky clean, had to be and set an example. Leaders at this level were in the employ of the RJF, they received a wage. Would a leader at such a high level have worn insignia like this?

    We can't even offer the explanation that the war intervened - that there were material shortages etc because the war didn't start until after these patches were discontinued. If we offer the explanation that not everyone had the money to buy the correct insignia I would counter that by saying what I mentioned above - these guys were paid a wage and it can therefore be argued that of all members of the Hitler Youth it was the higher leaders who had the cash to buy the correct insignia.

    As ever, this is just my opinion for the mix

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    IMO sometimes in the early days they did not even understand themselves what was correct or regulation at times regarding Sigrunes and that's one reason the standardisation of the Oberbann structure was put into effect. That's probably one reason I enjoy collecting these insignia, many oddities and irregularities.

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