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    DJ Sigrune, am I missing something here?

    These two patches were up on Ebay US. Non standard Red Sigrune and this other patch I am not familiar with (Heer?). I watched them and considered bidding, but they were bid up to $190 USD for the set!! Appears to have been a bidding war between two guys who let emotion get the best of them? Or shill bidding? Or is that other patch something special? I don't get it.

    Edit: There were 32 bids on this lot, the last twenty or so between two bidders.

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    Looks , like a homemade sigrune to me , together I would pay no more than 50 dollars .
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    Strange things... the recent Craig Gottlieb auction, saw a normal Party badge sell for (an apparent) 182.- !!! a normal makers mark that come up all the time for a third of that price..... as the post says, either shill bidding, or .. who knows... i tip on shilling... There is this German auction house, that sell only militaria, i know the owners and know that when they have bids on their items, they look at what the reserve is, and then before closure chase up to that. I caught one of them out in 2009, i bet something like 1000.- euro on a 50 euro item, and Viola, the auction ended at 999.- !! of course i told them where to shove it, and was subsequently banned from that fine establishment...

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    Indeed, I was yesterday in Hermann Militaria and saw many strange things. This week it was a Kragenspiegel der 15.
    -Division "Lettland" for 1450 Euro + 23 % Fee, but then again, you found a lovely one by Hiscoll for 285, and you say like the song... what's goinnng onnn?

    Strange people with too much money, I guess.



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    Yeah , your average " Trust Fund Brat " ...hasn`t worked a real job in his life , who has more money than since .

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