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    Is this a genuine DJ rune patch?

    Hi all

    I need your opinion about this patch cause i'm not in confidence with it...
    Thanks for your help,



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    Lauri i would say

    In my book this is a good one

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    Looks okay, I prefer the uniform removed ones but this one looks good.

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    YES the weave looks correct


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    You have a good one ...and a scarce one also .

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    this one was offerred to me awhile back, turned it down at the time as i believed it to be bad its till available but noticed the major diff in the reverses, whats others thoughts on this one if it is a fake as i thought it was just goes to show how good they are from the fronts
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    NICE one matches a couple of mine perfect definately not bevo but a common manufacture


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    I don't know if I would dismiss that one too quickly Stu. I sort of like it. I've seen some earlier style runes with that same sort of backing. Is it textbook? No, but is it fake? Hard to say for sure for me, but I sort of like it. Here's mine, it looks a little different also, but I like it. There are some earlier embroiderd runes like this, Toby had one a while back.
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    well its still available and if it was good i would buy it, these cloth items are not my strongest area and one person i showed when it was first offered to me told me it was bad so interesting to hear now positive feedback , lets wait and see what others think, noticed the blue is a lot paler than yur drin what sort of blue is on your paul

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    How stuck is the seller on the price? I paid a bit for mine, but uniform removed ones are hard to get sometimes.

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