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    Stu that is a good one i would have it in my collection,but it's your choice to make m8

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    mine actually is dark blue identical to above. The one you show is much lighter but like SA TABS COLOUR shading had different meanings. Don't like the price but feel it is good. In a UV light that white will glow big time if modern


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    Stu, here's a link to a collection of rune patches posted by Wim on WWM forum. Note that some of the blue runes are a more pastel color like the one you are looking at. I'm with Paul on this, I think it's good, and would be happy to have it.

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    the seller will not drop much how much on the amount do these usually go for???

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    Stu, the tag says 35GBP? I'd pay it. I paid almost 90USD for mine, but really liked it so I am not complaining. The Oberbann 1 runes go for around 25USD, but the others are more expensive with the 5 and 6 being the most costly it seems. The Oberbann 5 I got from Wietze for 90euro. If you don't buy, let me know.

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    okay just to add more ?????? to this thread whats everyones thoughts on these ones
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    and 2 more
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    just realised the white/black sigrune is the same one lauri posted

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    Stu, the Oberbann 2 looks good, the Oberbann 3 is a brighter green than the one I have but construction looks identical. I think they are both unissued, but good. I like them. The others look okay as well, just unissued.
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    does it concern everyone that they are a bit too identical , notice how everyone of them has 2 threads coming off the sigrune and also everyone has the same bald areas on the reverse of the circles or am i being picky

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