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    I believe that this may be the highest rank . Enjoy !
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    very interesting and of course nice :canada:

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    I remember seeing this once before Joe. Fantastic insignia. Thanks for showing.

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    Give me a high five Darin .
    I FINIALLY learned how to post scans .

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    Indeed a high five is deserved Joe. I know you have a great collection that many have not had the pleasure of seeing! Look forward to seeing more of your stuff as do many others here! Keep it coming Joe.

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    Thanks Darin .
    More to come next weekend .

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    Great to see that you've got picture-posting nailed Joe

    Yes, as you say, this rank insignia was worn by the DJ Obergebietsjungvolkführer which was the highest rank within the Jungvolk.

    We can't see the patch reverse as it would appear to be covered by a patch of shirt but there is one immediately obvious difference between your example and those described and shown in the RZM manufacturing regulations and in the 1933 publications 'Die Uniformen der HJ' and 'Die Uniformen der Braunhemden' in that both the outer ring and the Siegrune on the standard examples were stitched using fire-gilded silver thread where yours would appear to be using a gold braid on the outer ring. Also, the stitching on the standard outer ring was set back 3mm from the patch edge where your braid sits directly on the edge.

    Your patch has the correct colour and material for this rank and the Siegrune stitching and material also look correct but it seems very odd to me that a stark deviation like gold braid instead of fire-gilded silver thread on that outer ring would be necessary on a patch which, after all, was worn by only a tiny number of personnel and for a relatively short period. Not being able to see the patch reverse is a shame but gaining access would involve unstitching that piece of shirt of course.

    I have only ever had one of these patches in hand so my experience in judging them can only really be based on a direct comparison between period descriptions of the standard item (including period manufacturing instructions) and what your patch tells us. Based purely on that direct comparison I have to admit to a few worries mate.

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    I would imagine the patch was as scarce as the rank so most likely made up by a local tailor quick using what was available and who was going to criticize:canada: this guy

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    It's a possibility Paul but they were standardised and do appear in 1933 publications as I mentioned so there is a standard to work from which I think is important for an extremely rare patch (now and of course during the period too purely by virtue of the tiny number of personnel who would have worn it).

    With such a limited (and short) production run and considering the high profile of the rank I think a variation like the gold braid outer ring could be either an indication of a patch from early 1933 or indeed a red flag. I can't say for certain either way but Joe's patch differs so much from the standard item that further discussion would be very useful I think in establishing why the differences are apparent. My gut-feeling is that Joe's is a good patch albeit non-standard but I wouldn't feel comfortable in saying that I see enough to say yes, definitely period.

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    Not the most clear illustration when enlarged, but this period published drawing seems to show a gold border on the Sigrune. The illustration seems to contradict the regulation the Garry cited. Interesting.
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