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    thanks for the heads up don't follow ebay europa very much


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    The holy grail of sigrunes, to me anyway.
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    Thanks Darin , I might bid on this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    Thanks Darin , I might bid on this one.
    thats my high bid so we duel then my one motto is there are no friends at an auction :):)

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    black patch/white rune.

    ive had a number of diffrent coloured patches, heres one ive had for a while and would like fellow members opinions, all comments would be welcome. cheers pete.
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    VERY ODD CONSTRUCTION with the fibre back. It is very similar with the SS DACHAU HOARDE STUFF

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    I think the sigrune in itself has an odd shape and angle interesting piece however.Would someone be able to make this at home??

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    hi fellas, its the reason i added this one for discussion, the background is allmost a buckram type with what appears to be an animal glue , will feel sticky when moistened, im not 100% sure, yet it 's not ready for the bin yet, cheers pete.

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    HOMEMADE is possible it did happen. Old war time German glue should have a definite brown colour. The rune is not consistent in design or manufacture so being a true issue badge is out
    .One other point those white threads show glow big time if modern.
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    Gebietsjungvolkführer RZM Muster sleeve rune

    This is the only one I have left now but it lives in a box with the other stuff which I'll be keeping for a while longer :)
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