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    Question Special Sigrune patches for honour Units?

    Jungbann 201 had a special sigrune patch to reflect it's honour title of Herbert Norkus. Does anyone know of any other special Sigrunes from DJ units with honour titles?

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    I'm not aware of any Darin. I have a few regulations which govern honour names for units and they show that there were reorganisations in 1935 and 1936 with further regulations appearing in 1937/38 and 1941. The Norkus patch was worn until 1936 according to Weitze and this coincides with the main reorganisation so it is indeed very likely that they were discontinued at that point. Prior to 1935 virtually anything went (especially within in the DJ) and it would appear that things were slowly getting out of hand at the local level which forced a reorganisation.

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    Thanks Garry. The information I got from Wim on the period of wear for the Norkus rune seems to match up with what Wietze says then. Wim also told me that Jungbann 201 was renamed a couple of times,

    " On April 7, 1934 the name Herbert Norkus was granted to Bann 201 and so this name was in use instead of Moabit. For unknown reason the name for the Bann was changed again in Moabit-Schoeneberg on March 1, 1935. The honour-name Norkus was once again granted October 1, 1938. "

    It would make sense then that the rune was used for the first honour title given to the Jungbann, with Norkus made a blood martyr shortly before the honour title was given. I was mainly curious to see if there are other "special" honour runes to be on the lookout for, but I don't think there are. Thanks again Garry.

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