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    Ausbildungswesen Cufftitle

    Hi guys,

    I have never seen this type of cuftitle before, so dont know if this is a fake or not.

    what do you think?




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    Red flags to me are one photo showing the front is very clear when you enlarge it but the detail and the back photo blur up horribly.

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    I have one of these cufftitles , and I believe the one pictured is original .

    The one I have is aprox. 8 inches long .

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    I hate blurry photos that is the first red flag but from what I see of the front weave there is possibilities

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    I don't understand how people can take one great photo, but then the other two are horrible. Nowday's anybody with a $50 digital camera can at least take a couple of clear photos.

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    as I say first red flag is the quality of the pic

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