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    Lauri, in spite of the fact I have seen lots of items, this cuffband was never amongst them.
    It looks okay to me, but maybe others can tell us more. It might be one of those totally
    unknown and unofficial items.

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    Probably Wim, maybe one day a photo or a document will put in evidence the exact use

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    Hi i realy hope that you buy this if it nott for expensive

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    I don't see any mention of this CT in the regulations but I would agree with Wim. It is likely to be something semi-official. As we have never seen one of these before I would think that it was possibly only worn by the musical director of the Bann orchestra. The lack of them today doesn't lend any weight to the thought that all players would have worn one and in any case, these wouldn't have been cheap to produce so the cost of having 40 or more these made would have been prohibitive.

    The fact that it has the Bann number suggests that these weren't just worn by Bann 330 and that the addition of the number served to differentiate between orchestras within a specific Gebiet perhaps. There were orchestras at Gebiet level (Gebietsorchester) and in that context the 'Bann-Orchester 330' CT would make no sense but at a Gebiet-level music competition where the orchestras of the different Banne competed against each other it would.

    I like the look of it too and as Lauri says, a picture of it in wear would be very useful.

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    I like it also. I agree with Tomas, buy it if the price is good. Sometimes it pays to take a chance, that's how I got my Jugend Ehrendienst insignia.

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    Thanks all for your comments.

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    Here is my opinion on this cufftitle , I feel it is good . I ask myself WHY would a person go through the time and effert to produce an item that really has no proof of it`s existence ??? If I were a FAKER I would try to reproduce the Baldur von Shirach cufftitle .

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    Hello to you all,
    I am new member and I am specialized in Music of the third Reich.
    THis Band belonged to a member ( not a director) of the HJ Orchester Bayreuth which supposingly was the only Bannorchester
    to wear a Cuffband. Bayreuth means a lot when related to music and that is why this very HJ Bann wore that cuffband.
    I have the same cuffband and can testify it is original. Best to you all. Regards from France.

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    That's very useful information. Welcome to the forum

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