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    BDM Osteinsatz cufftitle

    This piece arrived today. One of the very rare BDM Osteinsatz cufftiles. Colour is brown (might look darker on the pictures), length is 39,5 centimetres. Unfortunately there are some stains on one end, but the overall condition is very nice.

    Question: Would this cufftile be worn with the "Ost Generalgouvernement" triangle?

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    Well done on getting hold of one of these Michael. Really nice
    and rare, as you mentioned.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Question: Would this cufftile be worn with the "Ost Generalgouvernement" triangle?
    The triangle would have been the one worn normally worn by the girl i.e. if she was from Gebiet Baden and went to Latvia to help in the Osteinsatz, she would continue to wear the Süd Baden triangle.

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    Hi Garry, thanks for your reply and explanation. Would this girl also wear the cufftile additionally to the triangle or was this just optional?

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    Oste.jpgI've been looking through the regulations on this and there is quite a lot of information but unfortunately nothing about the cufftitle. However, it's clear from photographs that the BEVO
    seems not to have been generally available and that some girls simply made their own (right). These patches and
    are being worn by one of the girls in the group photo (left).

    As far as the triangle is concerned, the group photo shows girls from Essen who were sent to oste1.jpgPosen (Gebiet 38 Wartheland). This photo shows them wearing two triangles: their "home" triangle in the normal place on the upper left sleeve and a second triangle for the Obergebiet/Gebiet where they were working on the lower left sleeve.

    This practice of wearing two triangles was also sometimes encountered at
    and at sports meetings (there is a thread on the forum about that. I'll add a link when I find it.

    Other examples of the wearing of two district triangles:
    Unusual portrait photo of a Hitler Youth boy wearing two district triangles
    Color photos from the 3rd Reich . (second photo)

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