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    THE TAG itself appears genuine in that it has all the bells and whistles found on any other tag of the later period the only problem I see is the incorrect Letter designation for the item it is on ? Do you have a problem with the insignia also ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    T Do you have a problem with the insignia also ?

    Cant comment on the Insignia Paul, never had one, wouldnt know what to be looking for. The tag is obviously wrong, and this exact "printed" makers number is found on many other tags and high end pieces....

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    okay thanks for the comments on the tag very interesting and will look closer at these in the future. Just for interest sake the insignia meets all criteria IMO and it is very concerning about the dud tag and where this comes from. Interesting comments so far on this

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    I have 4 of these BDM leaders breast eagles , I dont see any issues with these two on Wietzes site . The RzM tag has been added as it should be least an "H" tax level ...maybe even a "J" level .

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    I have three tagged breast eagles. They are all "L" tax level

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    Quote Originally Posted by polux View Post

    Interesting group, but too expensive. For information, sold at the sale Thies No. 45 for 950 Euro. With commission, about 1150 Euro. Group separated by Weitze : Euro 2000 for eagle and cuffband, Euro 650 for eagle Untergau 321 = total 2650 Euro. 2650 less 1150 = 1500 Euros profit for Weitze !!

    Best regards.

    that would make you cry!!

    great group for 1150E

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