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    Cufftitle "Großfahrt"

    Hello guys!

    I'm new here on the forum and I found it while searching for a Cufftitle I got in a HJ-Group.

    Maybe you can tell me something about it?

    Best regards,


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    Hi there,

    Items like this do not appear in the regulations as they were produced locally for specific events but this may be an armband rather than a CT. It seems odd that your item has the word Großfahrt but doesn't say which one, from which Gebiet. Here is an example of a thin armband produced for a large DJ summer camp in 1939 which shows the detail I mean. Here is another thread showing two different (larger) armbands produced for a spring camp in 1934. A further special event armband is here.

    Would it be possible to see more from the group?

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    Hello Garry,

    thank you very much for informations!

    Here is the rest of the group.

    Best regards,

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    I like this cuff personally. The straps are all nice examples. I would be happy with the items.

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    I agree, the straps and lanyards all look good.

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    Has this shoulder boards of a purchased from this forum?
    She has just delivered a dealer sells. For 190,- Euro. A super price.
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    So.... the items in post #1 are not a "group" then.

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    A great price for all those straps if they sold for 190 Euro.

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