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    Fanfaren-Fähnlein Jungbann 138 cuff title.

    This one is interesting. I've never seen one like it before. It's on Bill Shea's site. The construction looks pretty good from the photos shown. It's expensive, I am tempted but have never seen or heard of this one before. Photos are from The Ruptured Duck.

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    Hello Darin,
    fantastic cuff title. Thank you for the pictures.
    Best Regards

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    Curious but very interesting, I hope that we are going to find information on this (shortened?) cuff title.

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    "Fanfaren-Fähnlein"? Mmm.. The "Fanfaren-Fähnlein" isn't shown in the regulations around the time when this letter was ostensibly produced1,2 The official designation for the DJ units that carried the Fanfare and Landsknechtstrommel was "DJ-Fanfarenzug" and the permitted strengths of these were: 1(FZ-Führer):18 (players), 1:24, 1:36, 1:48 and 1:60 (with the ratio of fanfares to drums being 2:1). Regardless of their size, the designation for these formations is always given as "DJ-Fanfarenzug".

    Having said all of the above, the letter (which isn't a "presentation" letter) seems genuine enough and it does have "Fanfaren-Fähnlein" at top left so the possibility that this musical formation was authorised for this particular Bann can't be dismissed. It doesn't make logical sense to me personally that there would have been a requirement for a "Fanfaren-Fähnlein" but that's just one opinion.

    1 Aufbau und Gliederung der Spieleinheiten der Hitler Jugend (Spieleinheitenordnung)
    2 Der Dienst in den Musikeinheiten der Hitler Jugend 1.10.1941

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    Well someone pulled the trigger and bought this items as it's gone from the site now. A curious item for sure that I was tempted by, but I don't like to stray from the straps nowadays.

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    I've just found more on this. In a book from 2006 showing photographs from Walter Nies (Bann 132 and later head of the photographic department of Gebiet Westfalen-Süd), there is a note about a diary entry written by a 15 year-old who was a member of a "Fanfaren-Fähnlein" from Siegen which took part in, and won, a competition held in Hamm on 24.10.1943. This is mentioned because Nies was one of the photographers present when photos of the winners were taken.

    fanfaren-fähnlein - perhaps.jpg

    Above is a photo of this boy's Fanfaren-Fähnlein and there is indeed a cuff-title visible on the arm of the boy at rear left. But, apart from this boy's, there is only one other left sleeve visible on the photo and as you can see, he doesn't have a CT so who knows. The photo isn't proof of anything on these CTs unfortunately so although it is clear that a formation known as "Fanfaren-Fähnlein" existed, the cuff-title is another matter. My personal feeling now is that it very probably is a real item.

    Edit: actually there is a third left sleeve visible in the photo: no CT visible there either.

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    great item and better detective work

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    Garry, what is the name of the book that shows the photos of Walter Nies and mentions the "Fanfaren-Fähnlein" if I may ask?

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    Sorry about the delay Darin. The book is:

    "Kriegskinder zwischen Hitlerjugend und Nachkriegsalltag".

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