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    Hitlerjugend Cufftitle of the Sturmbootflottille

    Here a nice originla Cufftitle, i just picted that up, it was worn from a Navyman who served in the Sturmbootflottille, i hope i will get some Pics from him, but they don`t know if they have some .

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    MORE like a 12
    cuff title that I am not to sure about


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    The Hitlerjugend cuff title was worn by the soldiers of the 1st Sturmbootflotille Hitlerjugend assigned to the navy's small fighting units. The regulation ordering the wear of this cuff is cited in Angolia's HJ as 'MV 44, Nr. 759 dated October 14, 1944.' It gives the dimensions as 33mm with yellow title and horizontal top and bottom stripes on a navy blue field. The text states that the
    title is supposed to measure 30mm on page 190 of Vol 1. I've never seen one of the Sturmbootflotille cuff titles. If Angolia is correct the color should be different from the
    Hitlerjugend cuff title. I just don't know about the one pictured.

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    WHEN dealing with information from ANGOLIA if is a four letter word. HAVE never heard of this and doubt it was ever awarded or worn let alone produced. I just had a look in Angolia vol 1 and must say this never hit me before when looking at it. Can't explain this one at all it is listed nowhere

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    really with this thread would rake off there has to be more members in the know with info on this one.
    I even challenge the picture in Angolia it looks doctored IMO


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    Hello Paul, it was directly purchased from the family,
    the old Lady told me her Husband was first in the HJ and afterwards in the in the Navy. At first i was also quit unshure, i know normal HJ Cuffs and everything, but the Price i paid was ok:-) I hope she will find some Pics.
    A Friend of mine, which i send a Mail had known that right away, that this was the Navy Cuff which also have been worn by the Division.

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    ALL very interesting would really want to see pics if correct would be a very rare item. Can you show better pics with the colouring ?


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    Everything about it looks 12
    to me :confused:


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