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    HJ-Streifendienst cufftitle

    i picked this up from Ruptured Duck when he lowered the price. all in all with postage sent to Norway i paid $217.
    not sure if that was too high, but i have looked for this cuff title for a long time at an ok price , and now i got it

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    That's a decent price in my opinion. I would expect to pay more in Europe. Looks like a nice used example.

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    yes they usually go for around $250 from what i seen!

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    I think it a very fair price - I payed USD 100 for mine, a shortend one (see first "semilar thread" in post 1).

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    An original item at a fair price. I think most dealers over value the Strief cuff titles on sites. Around 200 USD is what they are worth IMO. Many dealers are overpricing HJ items these days, look at the price of generic shoulder straps, silly. Congratulations on getting the cuff title for a fair price from Shea, he is normally very expensive. Perhaps this was a consignment item hence the reduction in price.

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