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    HJ-Streifendienst Patrol Service Cufftitle - good one?

    On collectors guild - looks like a desirable item.


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    yes and there will be a sight update on the 20th


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    Theres one that not as nice but still good on Wietze for 100euro if you are on more of a budget.

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    Yes, that looks like a good one. It's overpriced but his prices are generally high in my experience.

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    That is one beautifull sleeve insignia

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    I like the cuff title also.

    But I found it interesting that there is a remnant of an rzm tag on one side, and then a somplete tag hangs off the the item other side.

    It just seemed a bit odd to me.
    Perhaps I'm paranoid.

    kevin s

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    quite common for two tags one is for the band maker and one is for the embroiderer. You see this on most SS cuffs


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    I love the cuff. but don't like its prize

    buying this would meen a 3 or even 4 month budget investment.

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