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    HJ Wache des Gauleiters Cuff Title.

    This one is being offered at $3699!! It's similar to the one shown in Angolias HJ Vol 1 page 191. Has anybody ever actually seen one of these or have one in a collection to compare? A rare title for sure, but who knows with really not much to compare it with? Any specific regulations or mentions of this in period documents? An expensive item to take a risk on.

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    Hi i own the one in angolias book and they are nott similar regards tomas

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    Hi Tomas, thanks for your reply. Does your title appear to be a handmade type in hand? And do you think this one is a fake?

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    I might take a chance on this one for under 600 dollars , however ; 3,700 dollars is way to much for a hand embroidered cufftitle .

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