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    how many cufftitles

    Hi fellas
    how many cufftitles related to the HJ and which would you say are the rarest ,

    cheers steve

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    i would say fcourse the HJ streifendienst is rare but also the Marinehelfer cufftitles are rare IMO

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    Thanks patrick , ive read through a few books and in angolia vol 1 he states that the HJ used them on a limited basis although looking at the examples shown not that limited....

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    Good idea to put a list of these together. I can add these:

    HJ-Streife (rare variant of the HJ-Streifendienst)
    BDM leader cufftitles (Nord-Hamburg, West-Westfalen etc)

    Struggling now...

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    Add LBA to the list. The one I've seen photos of is handmade, but it was worn as period photos do exist of it in wear.
    Edit it was from Sanzburg I think.
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    Add BDM Kreigseinsatz

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    There were also some Luftwaffe Tech. Vorschule cufftitles worn by HJ members. Those are rare as well.

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    Not to open a new thread...

    Are the pictures of kids wearing more than one cufftitle?

    If so, it was with the same order as it was done in the army. Meaning the eldest will be at the top of the rest?



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    I can't find a picture, but Toby had one for working on fortifications or something the HJ wore. Not sure if it was exclusive to the HJ or not.

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    Heres another one .

    Ausbildungswesen !

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