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    I have had the opportunity to review this cuff title in details.
    What "details" in particular showed you that it was genuine, and did you take images of any?
    It would be interesting for me, to see what other areas of the hobby are using to authenticate, or using in a test. How you go about it.
    What features are inspected, and what are they compared to?

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    Construction is typically the same as
    cuff titles (Emil Müller, Karl Roos,...). I was helped by a friend of mine which has several exemplar in his collection. The two
    tags (A/B or A/C) is the norm for this kind of Ärmelstreifen. The UV or burning tests are negative. I will try to make photos in natural light ASAP. I do not have others
    cuff titles to compare. This is the only negative issue in my opinion.
    I have also taken time to examine the woven fabric, the embroidery and edgings finition. It would be great if someone has others tips to orient my own research.

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    I cannot find anything about what the official cuffband should be or how it should look like.
    As far as I was able to look, I do not see anything in the Reichsbefehle, but I must say I
    do not have all of them. It is not mentioned anyway in the Mitteilungsblatt der
    That's for sure. Not even as a new article-number.

    Here some other information about
    and about cuffbands, designed on own hand!

    0491 - kopie.jpg

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    Lagerleiter with
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