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    Indeed. The HJ was intimately involved with the KLV. A whole chapter (68 pages) of a book of HJ regulations is devoted to it. I have a set of paperwork for a boy who was sent away twice to KLV camps and he did his achievement badge testing there. "Dienst" continued for the kids whilst at a KLV camp. He recounts his experiences HERE.

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    Hello Wim and Garry,

    I didn't know (or forgot) the existence of the "Reichsstelle Kinderlandverschickung, eine Dienststelle der Reichsjugendführung in Berlin". I was sure the NSV did it ! Never too late to learn... and to apologize for writing something wrong. Thanks guys.

    Best regards

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    The first person who not or never makes mistakes I would consider the
    Allmighty, in other words a God!

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    It can be (among perhaps others) because of this poster, I thought the HJ was not directly involved,
    although concerned, in the organization of KLV.

    We read :

    "Come with us in the KLV"
    "Registration for 3 to 10 years with the NSV
    (Registration) for the 10 to 14 years in schools " (...and not in the HJ units).

    We also understand that the evacuation of the children was ostensibly not mandatory.

    Best regards
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    Yes, under Schirach's umbrella the responsibilities for the KLV were initially shared by the Hitler Youth (10-14 years old), NSV (6-10 years old) and NS-Lehrerbund. As you say, the KLV was not mandatory. The aim initially was to keep school classes together and the KLV was concentrated on the areas of Germany most at risk from aerial attack. The Erweiterte KLV expanded the project to cover areas of Germany that were not necessarily in direct danger but which experienced regular air raid warnings (for example).

    I've got a lot of regulations on the KLV and the Erweiterte (expanded) KLV so I should really precis them on a HJ-Wiki page some time.

    That poster is great isn't it. There were others introduced (also a film entitled "Außer Gefahr") and also slideshows but the posters were quietly removed from service after Jan 1942 in favour of a more educational approach to convincing parents to send their children away.

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