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    Landdienst der HJ cuff title

    here's my latest addition to my landjahr / Landdienst Projekt.
    A nice Landdienst der HJ armband with on the reverse side some remnants of a papertag.
    It looks to be full lenght.
    Have a look for yourself,


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    An item I don't have in my collection. Thank you for showing. Did this come from Bill Shea? I look forward to seeing your display when it's completed.

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    No It did not come from Bill.
    I wasn't even aware he had or has one to offer for purchase.
    No, mine came from "Weitze".
    I had my eyes already some time on it, the prize was ok, and I needed one for my display.
    When it arrived it was a bitt salty, so I tried to clean it a bitt, first time for me, but it was worth the try.
    Ok, it is not mint, I do try to get my items in the best quality possible even if this means paying a bitt more, but I think in the long run , it will pay off.

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    My personal preference is for used insignia so a little "salty" is not bad for me.

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    tinnies I would never try to clean them, but this piece of cloth just needed a little bitt of soap, nothing to drastic, it is certainly not my intent to gett it as, would it be as close to new.
    I agree a degree of salty look gives those items a sense of charme of the past.

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    Here is my "only one moment for a scan" Landjahr/Landdienst display.

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    nicely put together.
    What I especially like and wich gives the whole a bit more "panache" (punch) is the picture of the boy on the right, with the cufftitle and above the feldsher insignia.
    Very nice.

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    Thanks for this. Helps much in research! :)

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