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    New Pick Up, HJ Geländesportwart Cuff Title

    Picked this up today, any opinions would be appreciated.


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    Richard, here's a link to an extensive discussion on these HJ insignia.

    Geländesportwart, Schießwart etc specialist cufftitles

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    WOW! I didn’t realize that there is so much commentary and discussion about these cuff titles. I don’t know what to think as far as it being original; maybe a poll should be posted as a lot of knowledgeable people have input?

    Thanks for the link. I did find some info in the Littlejohn book.


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    i think we are all in the same boat as to weather real or fake as long as you did not pay to much they are still nice to have as examples and who knows pre or after enjoy them u869ss

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