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    Basic Lanyard Question - difference between HJ and BDM

    What is the difference between a HJ and BDM Lanyard? After reading through the various threads, I'm still not sure. Would one have been longer than the ohter? Besides the obvious colors, I've noticed that some have a metal clip on the end, and others do not. Does that make a difference as to HJ or BDM? Or would it have been used by both?
    Any clarification would be great.


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    Help this??
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    Yes, a big help...thanks!

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    I have a BDM shirt/blouse with a small metal clasp inside the shirt pocket , I asume that this was for a clip from a lanyard

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    Looks like it probably was. I recently obtained a red/white lanyard from a friend, and it has a clip at the end. That's why I was trying to figure out the difference between HJ & BDM. I see now that it would be BDM

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