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    The information about DJ Leaders' lanyard is necessary

    Greetings, guys.
    Whether someone has the information and examples early DJ Leaders' lanyard. These Lanyard were used in the first years of existence of the organisation and applied in quality of a unique sign on distinction and further have been replaced нарукавными by stripes.

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    Here there is some information and pictures from book Olega Kuryleva 'Encyclopedia of III Reich'.
    The author Writes:
    On images examples DJ lanyards for leaders:

    White - jungstamführer
    Green - jungscharführer
    Red - jungbahnführer

    DJ lanyards for leaders were applied in the first years of existence DJ as a unique sign on distinction further have been replaced by stripes.
    I, unfortunately, more than the official information yet have not found. In a following post I will show two cords and I will describe the measurements of these subjects.
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    Here two subjects from my collection. Black I have bought for a long time and already showed it, and red y new acquisition.
    At both subjects identical structure of weaving. It is long everyone - 34 centimetres.
    Friends, I will be grateful for theme development.
    Yours faithfully, Ilya
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    I don't own any examples myself Ilya but I have a reprint of a 1933 book 'Die Uniformen der HJ' which shows the lanyards for DJ as follows:

    Jungenschaftsführer - Landesfarben:
    Jungzugführer - green
    Fähnleinführer - green/white
    Stammführer - white
    Jungbannführer - red
    Oberjungbannführer - red/black
    Gebietsjungvolkführer - black
    Obergebietsjungvolkführer - black/silver

    There is a period about which I can't provide any period info and that's from 1931 when the DJ was incorporated into the Hitler Youth and the reorganisation in July 1933. I'll dig through my stuff and will see if I can find anything more. Certainly in a 1931 HJ publication I have (on a price list) there is no mention of a DJ lanyard, only HJ.

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    Garry, thanks for your answer.
    My friends have given me e-mail of mister Kuryleva.
    I will write now to it the letter. I want from what sources it took the information. I hope that it will help. As soon as I will receive the answer, at once I will lay out it in a theme.

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    Just a bit more on this Ilya as I'm not sure that I answered your question fully:

    The DJ rank patches were introduced on 30.9.1938 for the ranks of:


    Of those ranks, only the Jungenschaftsführer and Jungzugführer existed when lanyards were introduced for the DJ in 1933. The lanyards worn by those two ranks at that time are shown in post #4 (the Landesfarben were discontinued on the 19th of May 1934 so from then the Jungenschaftsführer lanyard was red/white)

    You seem to be asking whether the lanyard for the lower DJ ranks was discontinued when the sleeve patches were introduced in 1938. If so, then no it wasn't. The Jungenschaftsführer and Jungzugführer continued to wear their respective lanyards.

    From March 1939 the purpose of the HJ/DJ lanyards changed from showing the wearer's rank to showing his appointment. For example, a HJ Kameradschaftsführer who had been appointed as the leader of a Schar would wear the green (Scharführer) lanyard showing his appointment.

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