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    Lanyard or aiguillette?


    I'm curious to know what is this. The lanyard is oversized an put on the wrong shoulder. Perhaps to signify a special function?

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    It reminds me the aiguillete of duty personnel of the wehrmacht. Dosn't look like a landyard

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    It reminds me of the lanyard worn by the Senior NCOIC (Non Commissioned Officer In Charge) while on duty during watch .

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    The HJ-Hauptscharführer and DJ-Hauptjungzuführer lanyards were worn on the right but this clearly isn't one of them. I'm thinking the same as Joe and Albrecht and that perhaps he's on a course at some school and the "lanyard" is signalling that he has some particular function for the day.

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    Indeed such aiguillette was worn, for example at the "Grosses Militär-Waisenhaus" at Potsdam.
    It had a different form with tips and was worn over the right shoulder.

    Practically always such indication was worn for the function of "Zugführer vom Dienst". When
    one was worn without the tips then it reflected the "Jungmann vom Dienst".
    As Garry says it is possibe the boy shown has such a function at a training-course or camp.

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    Thanks to all for your opinions.

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