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    leader lanyards and ranks

    I am currently adjusting one nice winter uniform I have, which had the wrong boards. Now I am facing a small problem and here's the question:
    which is the minimum rank that goes with each lanyard?
    In my case I do have a green/white lanyard.

    Since my new boards have no stars on it and I don't want to touch the older boards since they are really nice, where to find some HJ stars?



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    Matt, the rank pips are easy to find on ebay or militaria321, for decent prices. Personally I don't add to any of my boards, even if they are obviously missing pips.

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    Hi, but they look a bit different from classic army type.
    Time being I will leave it as it is, I waited 6 months for the new pair of boards, I can wait longer and I can declass him anyway by taking away the lanyard :)

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    The green and white lanyard will be for a HJ Gefolgschaftsfuher/Obberscharfuher/Hauptgefolgshaftsführer. For a Gefolgshaftsfuher you will need three pips, (two on the bottom with one with one above), for an Obberscharführer you will need two (side by side with a litze underneath), and for a Hauptgefolgschaftsführer you would need some different straps of the leader variety, (silver numerals and piping) which I am not sure would be worn on this uniform, but more for a leaders tunic. Here's a link to some pips on ebay. This information came from Angloia so it may not all be correct.

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    Hi, is there any lanyard I could add without alter the boards? And which is the correct colour for this bann? THanks!

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    Hi Zeller,

    Not sure what you mean by the Bann colour unless you have pre-1938 straps showing the Oberbann colour? You can find the Oberbann colours here:

    As far as lanyards are concerned these were used in two different ways. Prior to 1939 the lanyard showed the rank of the user. After that point it showed his/her appointment. An example would be a Kameradschaftsführer who is put in charge of a Schar. He would wear Kameradschaftsführer rank on the shoulder straps but would also wear a green lanyard showing that he held the appointment of Scharführer.

    Are you assembling an early or late uniform? You could go for a Rottenfüher or Oberrottenführer as you'd only need the Litze for these ranks as opposed to pips.
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    Hi Garry

    I have a late uniform. Incidentally the previous boards had removable litzen, so I could swap them onto the new boards.
    I could get a red/white lanyard and a plain green one, hence my doubt...not sure which one should fit best.
    Thanks Matt

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    If you have the Litzen then I'd go for the red/white if I were you Matt and make an Oberrottenführer with the appointment of Kameradschaftsführer. The green/white lanyard would definitely involve having to add pips to the straps so perhaps an Oberrottenführer is the better option.
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    Thanks Garry!

    Just to be sure: here's the litzen on my shoulder straps.

    Just to be sure, could you show a genuine red/white lanyard for HJ? I almost bought a BDM one...
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    The red/white was used by HJ/DJ/BDM and JM Matt so as long as it's a real one it's the right one for your uniform.

    With two Litzen you could make a pair of Rottenführer straps but what I'm unsure of is how many ranks an appointment could jump. I don't know if a Rottenführer could take a Kameradschaftsführer appointment for example. If you could get hold of another set of Litzen and make an Oberrottenführer I think you'd be on safer ground.

    I'll keep looking for a definitive on the allowable jump but I'm sure we'll have another member with some more info on this.

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