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    My Hitler Youth lanyards so far - identification needed for two of them

    Here are my lanyards, I got over the last months... I am not so sure about all of them, please have a look yourself.

    1. Kameradschaftsführer/ Jungenschaftsführer
    2. Hauptscharführer/Hauptjungzugführer
    3. Scharführer/Jungzugführer
    4. Stammführer/Jungstammführer (this one is very thick, were there differences in size?)
    5. Gefolgschaftsführer/Fähnleinführer
    6. ?
    7. ?
    8. ? (this one is orange and the braiding is different than the others)

    Maybe you could please help me out on this pieces. Thank you!

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    -Schaftsführerin (shown by the metal clip)

    Initially this was for HJ Oberscharführer/DJ Oberjungzugführer but from 1938 it was for those in the appointment of HJ Hauptscharführer/DJ Hauptjungzugführer

    HJ Scharführer / DJ Jungzugführer

    Initially HJ Unterbannführer/DJ Stammführer. Later worn by HJ Stammführer, HJ Oberstammführer / DJ Jungstammführer, DJ Oberjungstammführer. From 1939 this lanyard was worn by those in charge of a HJ-Stamm or DJ-Jungstamm

    Initially this was for HJ Gefolgschaftsführer / DJ Fähnleinführer. Later also for HJ Obergefolgschaftsführer, HJ Hauptgefolgschaftsführer / DJ Oberfähnleinführer, DJ Hauptfähnleinführer. From 1939: only worn by those in charge of a Gefolgschaft or Fähnlein.

    The remainder are not youth rank/appointment lanyards.

    From 1939 (for male leaders), the lanyard no longer showed the rank of the wearer but rather his appointment (as leader of a Schar for example). Only those personnel with a command function could wear the lanyard.

    There were manufacturing instructions for these lanyards (obviously) and from what I can see on your picture, only lanyards 1, 2, 3 and 5 seem to look correct. How long are they? As a Full Member you have access to the "downloads" section which contains very useful books/documentation including the manufacturing instructions I mentioned.

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    Thanks for that huge information. So nr. 7-9 are odd if I got this right?

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    On your picture, lanyards 1, 2, 3 and 5 seem fine but it would be useful to know their lengths. Number 4 is too short and too "fat" when compared to the white lanyard used by the Hitler Youth. Numbers 6, 7 and 8 are not Hitler Youth lanyards.

    If you haven't already done so, open the lanyards sub-forum and browse through there. You'll see many others to compare yours against

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    Here are the lengths from end to end:

    1. 31cm
    2. 35cm
    3. 33cm
    5. 37cm

    Thanks for your help Garry!

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    No problem Michael. The standard length (and other dimensions) of these is shown below:

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    but that was when they were new of course. If they have been pulled about or adjusted by the wearer this could explain any deviation from that length.

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    well based on my new found knowledge, your No7 - lanyard, red and white is not a HJ/BDM lanyard! Please see the thread I posted and Garry's very helpful replies.

    cheers Mike

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