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    I've had one of these. Somewhere there is a discussion on the forum. They are strange having the knots on them and having three colors. I'm not aware of any rank that used three colors. I don't know what the purpose of this lanyard would have been. Perhaps some type of position? I don't recall what the other members thoughts were but I know there is a discussion of this type of lanyard on the forum.

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    I think it was identified as being for a cap Darin. I'll try to find the thread in question.

    Edit: Hitler Youth lanyard with red, white and black colours?

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    So was this cap cord for HJ? An
    tag would indicate later manufacture and the tag is HJ.

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    As discussed on that other thread, it can't be a lanyard and the presence of the toggles would indicate strongly that it is a cap insignia. However, not for HJ so the tag itself must be seen as a bogus addition in my opinion.

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    Garry, I totally agree. The tag must have been added by someone
    who thought he knew what it was, but actually didn't!

    I still think it could be a cap cord for the Freiwilliger Arbeitsdienst.

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    An odd item for sure. Hopefully one day we will learn the origin and purpose of this cord. I recall purchasing the example I had from Roland Smith of "Trademark Historical" located in Oklahoma back in the 80's. He sent a snail mail catalog out using ads in WW2 Magazine. He's a shady guy and fraudster that was exposed a long time ago.

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    Thanks for the input from everyone. Sounds like this thing is definitely not HJ, and that makes the whole piece questionable to me.

    This is why I like being a member of this forum.

    Thanks again to everyone for the comments and information.

    I would think that this might be a good addition to the "Fakes" thread, if the mods agree.
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