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    red & white lanyard: HJ, DJ or BDM?

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    It is BDM . I am sure of this.

    As they were the only ones who looped there lanyards through the leather scarf knot.

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    Yes, BDM as Joe says - or JM of course.

    Just as an aside: the HJ/DJ/BDM and JM all used this same lanyard and for the following ranks:

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    I came across a much thicker one which might be HJ. Could it be?a anyone has some to post?
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    here's a better shot
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    It's HJ for sure.

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    are these the ones on the military antiques stockholm site??

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    yes, it's one of them. if you're into bdm, now it's a bargain. the other one was from butschek,i bought it last week

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