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    Are these green lanyards Hitler Youth and original?

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    The clip has been added to the second one but the lanyards are the type used by the rank/appointment of HJ-Scharführer and DJ-Jungzugführer.

    Which one to buy is a difficult decision to be honest. The one you show with the
    tag looks brand-new and the other one is too long. These would not be difficult to make so caution is definitely required.

    Edit: this new thread was created by splitting a previous discussion which began with whistles and then moved on to lanyards. The whistle discussion is here.

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    Does anyone else have any thoughts on these lanyards?

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    Hello - I personally prefer the short one with
    -tag, and i know that there are guys here on the forum, who maybee can tell you what the name of the producer is, from the number on the tag.

    Thats just my personal opinion, BUT I also like used stuff. In this case i prefer the regulation length in stead of a too long lanyard.


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    Hello again - after another look at the pictures, the short lanyard seemes very shiny, and i do not like that so much any longer. I just took af look on my own lanyard of same kind, and it is NOT so shiny. Clould be the picture/flash, but ???

    Some of the other guys on this forum maybe knows more ??

    It is not af rare item, so you can easily find another, if you don't liek this one.

    Michael (who must learn not to be so fast)

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    I agree Michael. It looks very new. Wim's book shows that manufacturer 226 was Rudolf Homberg of Wuppertal-Langerfeld. He had a business making ribbon and lace (Spitze u. Band). He was granted an
    licence in 1934 and retained it until the end so the tag seems to match the item.

    The length of these is given as 340mm by the

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