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    I (and i'll bet many new forum members) truely appreciate this information. Like you mentioned, most people point to the design details to determine if genuine and forego the extra research to discover the code details are fictitous. This is more detailed information than I can find in any of my $130 reference books. Thanks so much. PS - In the junk it goes drawer with the others :/

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    I think Wim Saris (also a member here) showed me an early 1980s catalog from a UK forger of small badges, where these are pictured, both with the duff M1/4 and M1/129 numbers.. there are a few others as well that this guy used with the same reverse design, M1/73. But that 80s catalog was not the first time these turned up on the market, that was before, around the end of the 1960s with the big enamel badge boom, both from US and UK forgers, as well as a few German names. Most of the German forgers are dead now, so i wont bother mentioning them, but they are in the same ranks as the famous US forgers, who wrote reference books, and Appeared to help the collector, when all they were doing was creating a marketplace for their post war rubbish. This still goes on to this very day, with certain UK authors of militaria books filling them with rubbish to help them sell their fakes and fantasy items.

    You should first try and "read" the item, and see if what it is telling you, i.e; design, date of introduction, reverse markings etc... actually have anything to do with the period they are claiming to come from, only after the innitial inspection tells you that whatever it is, does in fact show the correct markings and is representative of the actual period it is pretending to come from, then look at other aspects if unsure. Usually, there will be 100 opinions for something, which could actually be dismissed out of hand, like these, just by using actual, simple facts, instead of trying to judge certain aspects to reach either a yay or nay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teryjaki View Post
    In the junk it goes drawer with the others :/
    You could try and sell it to a Dealer, they might buy it, seeing as they have no problem listing these exact badges.. the bottom one was for sale on Helmut Weitzes website a while ago, as Original of course.
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