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    Early HJ Membership Badges

    Early HJ Membership Badges
    I have these 4 early HJ Membership badges and I am not sure if the all authentic? I would appreciate your help on this. Thank you in advance for your help. JME

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    the badge with the darkest back is def fake, im assuming its the one with the white front

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    Stu is correct, funny thing here, the
    and Ges. Gesch markings, in the beginning, commonly found on badges such as the fantasy Deutschland Erwache 1933 Adolf Hitler 1933 and normal
    Membership badges. When this "beginning" was i dont know, but early, 50-60`s .. then later on, we find the same die marks used on Colored badges, like yours, and like the Deutschland Erwache 1933, Ludendorff etc.. in Blue and yellow....... but on very few, so maybe just a production run of "colors" when this was the In-thing, because sometime around 1970-1980 we find the market being flooded with all kinds of Colorful badges and variants,
    female drivers badges, HJ badge,
    etc etc...... i guess the fakers moved with the times and adjusted the styles

    Fact is though, there are no examples of small badges, marked ONLY
    and GES. GESCH that could be considered original today.

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