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    Fake badge on Collectors Guild

    THERE is a badge on the COLLECTOR'S GUILD item no19358 a first pattern HJ member badge. What is your take on this badge and why ?

    Admin Edit: Link now dead. Please remember to upload pictures of items. Thanks.

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    going by the reverse id say fake the pin plate on the back says it all

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    Oops! That's a stinker. It has the classic fakers pin plate.

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    ONLY TWO TAKERS okay I agree a very rare thing to get a fake by PETER but it is a bummer with that pin backing also very poor enamel work


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    He's a good dealer but everyone makes mistakes. Look at the HJ cap on his site with the leather around the bill, it's a postwar cap.

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    Well with that much stuff listed there's bound to be a postwar or fake item,all in all he has some very nice stuff for sale to bad that he's rather expensive.

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    If you let Peter know, he'll remove it. I agree, not a good one.



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    I do much business with Peter and sell many items through his sight. He is one dealer that looks into every item and few escape him. One point to address is on his sight the price is set by the vendor not PETER and from experience there is room to move on many relics


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    Good point on the pricing Paul.

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