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    Try contacting the Collectors Guild , and for a refund .

    Quote Originally Posted by NH87er View Post
    I wish I had seen this before I bought that exact badge from Collectors Guild... :( How dissapointing. Can anyone explain about "otto Hoffman" so I know for future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecool View Post
    Try contacting the Collectors Guild , and for a refund .
    What i have found that works the best, is to not mail first, but just re-pack and ship back Registered post. Then a day or three later send the dealer a mail, stating that you have sent the fake back, noting the Registered number, and of course any links to threads like this one etc.....
    It`s not a "hard" item to judge, or even a "possibility" and the consensus on any Half-decent internet forum will be the same, fantasy name, early Repro..end of story. If you start off with emails back and forth, depending of course on the dealer, it might turn sour, but if it`s already in the post registered mail, not much he/she can do but to refund. And a re-stocking fee would fall away naturally, unless the dealer is convinced that you are mad and it is real
    Seeing as it was really your own Fault for not doing some research first, i guess you will loose the postage fee, plus the extra postage to send back.

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    I returned an item to Collectors Guild over a year after I bought when it was brought to my attention that the item was fake. The entire transaction was handled with the utmost courtesy and professionalism by the owner Peter. I encourage you to contact him at once and explain you are returning the item.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post

    If you enter 'otto Hoffman' into the search box here on the forum you'll find other threads which discuss the Hoffmann badges. Basically there was never a company by that name during the TR that made metal badges.
    Maybe it would bode well to start a new thread Titled Otto Hoffmann on the Forum, merge the other Otto Hoffmann posts into it and make it sticky, as... (hope this does not come as a shock to you) there WAS, a company called Otto Hoffmann, and they DID make Hitlerjugend items. (Just not the Joseph-and-his-multicolored-rainbow-pins)
    The enclosed advertisement shows you exactly what they made, and where they were. They also would have held a (few) RZM numbers as well.
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    Sorry, yes. That was indeed lazy of me

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    LOL. Well imagine that a rare piece of cloth turned up with his sticker on the back, it would get binned on the basis that poor old Otto was a "fantasy maker". There are a few posts on here that refer to him as a Fantasy name I bet that many of the old makers must be turning in their graves now, wanting to "come back" and slap some truth about our heads... i know that Karl Hensler would want to ice-pick the spines of many a TR collector. (turn them into Jelly sandwiches)

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    hehe Yes, definitely a very good idea to get a Hoffmann thread which also contains your info 'stickied' in the membership badges forum

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    I cropped the ad from a Uniform=Markt, i think a 1939 or 1940 issue, haven't gotten that far yet on the Archive thread, i saved it a while ago and then forgot all about it. There are a few more surprises as well.
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    Garry, give me a heads up when the threads started, and then i`ll tell you why i believe it is more than possible that Otto Hoffman DID make HJ membership badges

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    Another interesting and educational post from you Jo. It begs the question how many Otto Hoffman made triangles are in our collections.

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