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Thread: flat enamel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wim Vangossum View Post
    Red opaque enamel is no real sign of fake. There are party pins with this enamel as wel. Also daimonds in HJ knives can have this tomato red enamel.

    Regards, Wim
    looks like two types of rivets, replaced perhaps???

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    You have a good eye Mike. The knife is from a friend of mine. Maybe the rivet is replaced? Or the the other one lost it's plating for some reason? Diden't noticed it.

    Regards, Wim

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    Regarding the pin, the details on the reverse look flat, squashed. I'd have a good rumage about other pins of the same maker regardless of what they are on and compare the crispness of the numbers and the rzm logo circles especially. Looking though the other pins, you tend to see highly defined marks.

    Hard call, probably fine but the quality is what struck me as a first impression. ( you'd have to think along terms of i suppose if its a copy are they taking impressions, a mold of the reverse etc.... )

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    Exactly, you could say it was period replaced, the solid diamonds being a period replacement? who can say other wise, but as i said previously, HJ's i see tend to have a tell tale sign of rivets, cracked grips etc, indicating at least imo maybe a repair at somepoint...

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    Here are some pics I took this morning. The badge arrived and it looks very nice to me
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I believe it is a good one also , but unfortunatly there are alot of collectors that tend to assume that just because some well known "Expert" says that they are bad then it is set in stone as BAD .

    Example ...
    I bought a uniform a few years ago that came from so called known experts collection .... "BOB" ........! . The sleeve eagle was machine sewn and looked original . he even posted the uniform on WAF and all collectors that posted said it was good as gold ...loved it . nothing wrong .. all original .
    When I aquired the uniform , I loved it too , as it is an original uniform , but I felt there was something wrong with the sleeve eagle .
    I posted scans of just the eagle on WAF without telling were I got the uniform . The response was all bad . and 3 so called experts said that the sleeve eagle was a 1970s reproduction .
    So unfortunatly , in this hobby if you are popular then for the most part you will not be asked to explain why YOUR item is not good . But if you are the average collector , then you need all the referances in the world for your item to be good .

    Zeller , I have 2 flat enamel pattern membership badges in my collection also , I believe that they are good but I can guarentee that some self proclaimed EXPERT will also say that they are bad .

    So if they price is right and your gut says ok then be ok from years of research via collecting with your purchase .
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    Thanks Joe, I agree 100% with what you wrote. Interestingly the transaction was flawless, item well packed and shipped as registered (which I did not pay for). The seller told me he bought it many years ago in the States and although I did not ask, from his english and his name I think he's not from Latvia at all. This confirms my first rule: always judge the piece and not the story. Matt

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    The address on the package should confirm where the seller is from. I agree with a lot of what Joe has said. I've got one item that I've been told is not good by one noteable "expert" that many people take his word as gospel. Looking at the new Saris book I see an example that looks very much like mine that Wim says is good. I paid 70 euro for it so I think I will keep it. I've had one other guy that does not post on any boards and has been collecting HJ for decades tell me that he likes the item as well, and thinks it's a variant or handmade example. It will stay in my collection based upon having the item in hand and liking it, and the above mentioned opinions. My initial response in this thread was regarding unreliable postage from the Latvian region based upon personal experience and many stories I've read. I don't know badges well enough to give an opinion on the one in question.

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    he's in Latvia but the name isn't from there.

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    has allways looked good to me, but its one of those choices as a collector you have to make yourself as these will allways create decate cetween the believer and the non believers

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