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    A funny thing happened

    I need help figuring something out.When I go fishing it is my practice to stop at garage sales and antique shops on the way.At a garage sale this morning there were lots of 3rd Reich items and direct from the vet.Long story short,I am going back to buy the whole lot because I did not have that much cash on me.Now to what I need help on.

    In one box was a Golden HJ honour badge with Oaks.I think it is a repro that the British made with the original dies in 1949(?).Tho it could be a museum copy.The measurements are spot on.Does anyone here know what this badge should weigh?Secondly were museum copies marked on the back in any way?This one hasn't any marks.I am 99% sure is a post war repro,but I also need to insure that its not worth putting in the garbage.

    Thanks for any help.

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    the most common fakes of these have a bm makers prefix on the back but there are also fakes with plain backs all the good ones that have been agreed on have the gold or silver content stamped on the back and nothing else

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    Can't imagine finding this stuff at a garage sale. That'd be cool to see.

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