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    Hitler Youth membership badge M1/105 solid red enamel and an unmarked badge


    I'm a relatively new collector of Hitler Youth items and have currently only made a few purchases with my limited knowledge. Primarily I collect the diamond insignia pins and knife gems of the Hitler Youth. However, there are two that I have in my collection that concern me where authenticity is concerned. One is a knife gem, it looks incorrect, the only time I have seen gems in this form were for knives people claimed were "export models" I have never been able to verify this however. The second item is a standard Hitler Youth diamond pin, this item does not have the fish-scaling behind the enamel, I have never seen any produced in this way before. I would appreciate any information anyone has in regards to this.



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    Hi and welcome 6to the forum.

    The diamonds on HJ knives had a specific design with flat splints. You can see here how these diamonds sat when assembled:

    The HJ knife diamond - should it wiggle or not?

    Here is another of the solid red diamond knife badges by M1/13 showing the splints:

    The diamond you show with no pin/splints/maker mark/
    mark is a dud as is the story you heard about such diamonds being found on "export knives" (unless they were talking about modern fakes of course). The M1/105 with solid red enamel looks fine. You can read more about that type of enamel by starting on the first page of the thread at the link above.

    Here is an ongoing project showing known makers of HJ diamonds:

    How many makers of the diamond-shape Hitler Youth membership badge were there?

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    Thank you very much for your insight I really appreciate it!

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