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    Hitler Youth membership badge with solid red/opaque enamel RZM M1/42 - authentic?

    Hi all. I am a new HJ collector, and got this membership pin, some folks say it's a fake, some it isn't. The guy I got it from says it was in a box of stuff he got from a vet, and all the other stuff was period. I'll welcome any opinions. For what it's worth, it looks good except for the fact it doesn't have the pebbling in the red. But what do I know. I've only seen 4 others in real life, and this is one of them :)

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    I would give that a


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    hi, again i will say aswell

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    there was a lot of people who did not like the solid red enamel HJ badges but personally i think they are fine and yours is a lovely example

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    In my opinion , good .

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    a few collectors called it fake at the warrelics forum because of the pin plate? :confused:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss-collector View Post
    a few collectors called it fake at the warrelics forum because of the pin plate? :confused:
    No, the pin plate is fine, although is also used on quite a lot of post war fakes as well. (Usually though not in conjunction with the pre-cast made-to fit fixture. see pic 1. Fake Hermann Aurich Badge with same pin plate but no made-to-fit fixture)

    Opaque Enamel from Kerbach & Israel is common, also on Party Badges, as well as from other makers. The reason for this is very simple. There were only a very few Makers who were in the position to actually make & Enamel the badges, the vast Majority of
    license holders were using an Emaillieranstalt/fabrik to have their enameling done. Of course any big Enamel oven would have been Filled to the brim before firing, therefore being filled with badges from various Makers who were using that Particular M2-Sub-contractor (Enamel Factory). So if that particular company used Opaque enamel at one or other time (for whatever reasons) then you can be sure they would have done a series of the Opaque Enamel on various badges from various makers. The only color-Rule of the
    , regarding the actual look of the item, (that i can find) is a 5% tolerance in color. So how you would work out what that is, i have no idea.. but until now, i have not been able to find any
    mention of Opaque vs Translucent Enamel, and/or what was/was not to be used.

    Your Badge is a fine Original, that is quite common though.
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    Nothing wrong with this one.

    Regards, Wim

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