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    hi Stuart .I do have the M1 list with the 184 makers on it .I can copy it and post it to you if you want.
    I do think that you will have it already though.Regatds Pete

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    hi pete

    thanks for the offer but i have got it as you thought lol,but for some reason not all the m1 makers seem to have made HJ members badges , anyone with any ideas why this is as i would thought that this would probably be the most produced third reich badge around as the members where in the millions

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    Now this is a bit odd .Digging in the dark recesses of my cupbords i found this.
    Again a HJ diomand. This one is small 24mm x 13mm .The front is so well aged with dammaged enamel the rear has the green tone of the brass base.Now this is where it goes all odd.
    The rear is marked HOFFSTATTER BONN GES GUEST there is also a
    Now the maker will relate to the maker M1/15 Ferdinand Hoffstatter Bonn and Rhein.
    This dosent add up .i will post the picture when i have good light.Any ideas guys.
    Best regards Pete UK

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    Here is the odd one it has the lot makers name Ges guest and the
    .So what do you recon to this .I think he was the first maker of there was he not.Regards Pete
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    This will be one of the early badges Pete. As you say, Hoffstätter was the only maker authorised to produce these in the beginning, He's at the bottom of the list in post one

    First early Hoffstätter I've seen actually.

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    Thanks Gary.But if he has got the licence from
    WHY would these still read ges guest as i thought this ment patient pending and there is a licence so would there not be a patient ?.
    Normaly you do not find the
    and the ges guest together.

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    Jo will explain this in full I'm sure Pete. GES GESCH doesn't mean Patent Pending though and it is perfectly fine to see GES GESCH and the
    mark on an early badge. As I say though, I'm sure Jo will have more to say.

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    Thanks Gary
    Will be great to hear from Jo.Regards Pete

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    Jo is very busy at the mo and hasn't had time to post but he agrees with me that the badge is a good one

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    Thanks Gary ,like the change of avatar looks funkey.So can you translate ges guest please.

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