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    M1/15 Hitler Youth membership badge and 1943 Reichssportwettkampf winner badge

    Acquired these badges from my grandfather, and am having a hard time identifying these, since they are semi-civilian. Any help would be so appreciated. The double pronged is dated 1943 and is mettallic, the triangle has a small RZ encapsulated in an M logo with a M1/15 across the top.

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    Fine M1/15 (Hoffstätter) HJ membership badge.

    Regards, Wim

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    agree with Wim , a nice conditioned original membership diamond, i have no clue on the other one !

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    The other badge is a "Siegernadel" for a participant in the the 1943 HJ Reichssportwettkampf:

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    much appreciated input. Now do the number M1/15 have any meaning?

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    This is an
    code. Wim mentioned it above but basically the code M1/15 breaks down to

    M1 = Type of item
    15 = The number assigned to the company with a licence to make the item. In the case of your badge, "15" corresponds to Ferdinand Hoffstätter.

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