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    Membership Badge RZM M1/102 outsize


    after the emergence of the first major piece was made after only one week, the one second piece also M1 / 102.
    The pieces are about 1.5-2 mm higher and wider towards the large normal pieces.
    Again, like style with thin
    Look at times the scuff marks around the M1 / 102 to the top of both on image 3 to see the not almost identical from?
    The lower and on Figure 4, the right is a Normal M1 / 102.

    What we have here the new copy for quick money, because diamonds there for little money and always go ...


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    Yet none knows the pieces ?

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    I'm not sure what you are asking. The size of the HJ badge did change over time. What do you mean by "outsize" i.e. how many millimetres?

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    Yes I mean it diving to time, these large pieces on the approx 1.5-2mm larger than the normal big pieces .
    All are M1 / 102 , I got hold in a Week 2 pieces of it from different sources ...

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