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    Exclamation Nskk pin and shield pin

    Well I have a red nskk pin used for drivers marked with m1/35 on the back, I also have this shield pin with stars and nazi symbol in middle I would like to verify authenticity


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    The NSKK Kriegskraftfahrerin pin has the 'coffin' pin base so that will be a fake. I don't know what that other badge is.

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    Ok so what would an original badge have? And why does it look so original compared to others? Because I've looked at originals and they have the same "coffin look and same number on back so how can you be so sure if its fake?

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    Search the forum for "coffin" or "Otto Hoffmann" and you'll find info on why those pin bases are never a good sign on the back of a badge. They were not used by makers during the TR. The membership badge you asked for opinions on has that same coffin pin base and that badge is a fake too unfortunately.

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    So what would I look for on originals? Or should I stick to coins? And patches like could you refer me to any good websites that sell authentic items such as newspapers or any items that ARE AUTHENTIC? And is there any way to see if the pin with nazi sign and Shield shape real or fake? And what's chances of my coin being fake? I looked at buying this eagle ring from him as well but now scared to chance it so is there any websites that sell authentic or ways to tell difference of real and fake besides coffin look? He also had ss pin black with the white lightning bolt ss' so how would I tell difference? Should I trust any coffin back to ANY pin?

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    Lots of the dealers, even the bad ones, have authentic stuff. What I would always advise is to post pics/questions about items here before you buy. The forums are a very good safeguard against being caught by the lazy and incompetent sellers out there.

    ANY badge with a coffin pin is extremely likely to be a fake. The only thing that could possibly be said is that a coffin pin was attached to an authentic badge that had lost the original pin. However, that's unlikely to say the least.

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    those driver pins can be found in various colours and many dealers carry them but are considered bogus

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    What's some easy to identify ww2 items that aren't considered bogus?

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    experience which does not happen over night

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    The "shield" pin is the emblem of the Reichskolonialbund.

    Reichskolonialbund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (English)

    Reichskolonialbund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (German)

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