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    Hopefully Don Scowen will see this and post and reply. He's very good with pins and badges and may have an explaination.
    Sorry for my late reply, I haven't been online for most of the Christmas break. Thank you for your confidence, however I have never seemed to have found the time to study these badges. In fact I only bought my first one a few weeks ago (& I have a feeling it was an M1/49 as I remember speaking to Garry about it, I'll dig it out later to double check).

    So I'm unable to offer a vaild opinion regarding the "b" marking I'm afraid. The badge does look OK to me though.....

    Sorry I can't say more, but there are others here with far more knowedge of these particular badges than I.


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    as the B versions are now thought to be replacement badges to find what appears to be an officially numbered one really got my attention and am wondering if I should buy it it at the 350.00 asking price

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