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    Opinions on this unmarked HJ membership badge please!

    Hello all, looking for options on this badge. I picked it up cheap as itís not marked in any way; I have compared it to real ones and fake ones and Iím leaning to fake. The pin assembly is different and that what attracted me to purchase it.

    What do you think?

    Best Wishes,

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    I'm no expert by far on these,but i would pass it up as i think that the baseplate is wrong it is however difficult to judge from the photos provided maybe you can get some photos made in natural daylight.

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    i would pass on this the enamel in the red area is all wrong, if it is enamel hard to see in these pics, but pass on this you can pick good ones of these up cheap

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    IT IS an outright fake diagnostic by first off the bevel edged backing plate never made it the REICH


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    Close up pictures

    Here's a couple of close ups in sunlight, any changes in opinions?
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    The enamel looks a lot like the type you see on some of the early Jungvolk
    badges but I've never seen it on the final pattern HJ badge. There is also the issue with the pin plate which does bear a resemblance to those found on the Hoffmann fakes as a couple of the guys have said.

    Out of interest has anyone ever seen a pre-
    HJ membership badge?

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    Thanks for bringing up the pre
    , which was my thought when I purchased it. I have 4 originals and 3 fakes (huh!!) but this one is different from the fakes, especially the pin assembly and quality.

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    This is my thinking too Richard. Hopefully one of the members will post a pre-
    . These do exist because there was around a year between the badges coming into use in September 1933 and the
    assuming control of production in 1934.

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    ive got a solid red HJ members badge but the red is still very diff to the badge shown above

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    I thought there's supposed to be a whole lot of "dots" under the red enamel....

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