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    Pre RZM HJ membership badge

    First thing I've bought in a long time but I couldn't resist it. It's stamped 'Gesetzlich Geschützt' around the pin plate and also in raised form on the badge body. Slight damage to the enamel.

    Who knows? This may well have been one worn very early on by the BDM. I'll just keep thinking that anyway :)

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    Nice looking pin Garry.

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    Thanks Darin. This will go nicely with one of the old document sets I think.

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    Very nice Garry.For an early membershipsbadge it is in great condition,you have a keen eye for these things

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    does look in very good condition

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    To be in Europe where this stuff is in people's houses collecting dust :drool:

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    Great item to have these days,items like this one are getting harder to find.

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    Cheers guys. I do feel lucky if it's any consolation Pat :)

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    hey gar you catching the bug again

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    hahah Stu the bug never goes away, just goes into remission now and then!:tongue_smilie:

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